Slower, it’s a Love Story

Feel special again. Don’t be just a simple picture on another dating app. True and long-lasting love isn’t found through images alone. On Appetence your details are completely private. Only you decide when to display your full profile and who gets to see it. Love is ultimately about finding a reflection of yourself in another person.

The Art of Seduction

On Appetence the conversation in the chat matters most. As you let the magic happen, the similarities you share will gradually be revealed. As in real life, what could be better than a conversation where the other person can seduce you only by using their way with words? It’s always you who decide how fast to get to know the other person. You get to know each other and reveal your full profiles at the same time.


Emotional Connection

Would you like to find out who’s behind the profile that you like so much? Would you like to know everything that makes you so compatible? You two are the only ones who can find out. Get “likes” in your chat messages and you can unlock information about the other person’s tastes and see the profile picture. Everything adds up in this game of discovery! Our “Slow Matchmaking”, only shows the profiles which are most compatible with yours, according to your search preferences.