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New app aims to make dating a real labour of love

It is supposed to be an antidote to the Tinder culture where people are judged on their looks in seconds and rejected or asked if they are ready to get intimate there and then. Read the story

The Times


Seduce people using this ‘slow’ dating app

Unlike Tinder, Bumble, and basically every other dating app out there, the app won’t just show you photos of your match. You have to earn that privilege by talking to them. Read the story

Appetence is a new app that’s all about ‘slow dating’

Instead of swiping left or right based purely on how hot someone looks in their picture and a decent bio, Appetence will only let someone see your profile if you choose to show it to them. Read the story



The world’s slowest dating app doesn’t involve pictures — and it’s kind of awesome

It’s called Appetence, and it is an intentionally slow dating app to force substantive conversation. Read the story

Dating app Appetence asks users to exchange 50 messages before sharing photos

JUDGING a future partner by their profile picture is now the norm. But dating app Appetence wants users to exchange 50 messages before allowing them to see each other’s pictures. Read the story

The Sun

The Debrief

Appetence: The new dating app that’s trying to slow everything down

The premise of the dating app is that you’re forced to have conversations with people before you’re allowed to see their profile picture. Read the story

Experience Delayed Gratification With The New Slow Dating Apps

“Appetence” means “a natural craving or desire”. On opening the app I had high hopes. It looked very slick. It has an appealing and user friendly interface, and easy to navigate around. Read the story

Huffington Post


Let’s talk first: Would you try a dating app that didn’t use photos?

Appetence serves users serious about forming substantive connections and not just the immediate gratification and validation other apps are so popular for. Read the story

This New ‘Slow Dating’ App Makes You Talk To People You’ve NEVER Seen

Are you tired of the countless fuck boys messaging you day in and day out? There’s a new dating app that just might be exactly what you’ve been waiting for! Read the story

Your Tango


La forma de comunicarse ha cambiado; el amor romántico, no.

La nueva aplicación de online dating Appetence abandera con el claim “vamos a enamorarnos” el concepto slow dating, que nace como contracorriente al fenómeno Tinder. Lee la historia

Llega el slow-dating para que puedas ligar des-pa-ci-to

Si estás cansado de la velocidad supersónica a la que todo sucede en Tinder y tienes ganas de recuperar el bello arte del flirteo, Appetence es tu app. Lee la historia



Slow-Dating-Trend: Appetence soll das Kennenlernen entschleunigen

Doch es gibt Hoffnung für alle Singles, die noch an Online-Partnerbörsen glauben. Denn eine neue App will den virtuellen Dating-Dschungel jetzt entschleunigen und das Kennenlernen wieder besonders machen. Read the story

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